This will be my last blog post for a while, its hard to describe how i'm feeling at the moment, empty, sad, low, lifeless. Most days I don't want to be here. I've become irritable; erratic and the smallest of things just have me seeing red all the time. I feel exhausted & tired all … Continue reading

Accepting help is difficult, understanding why is difficult but once you hit the bottom upwards is the only way to go, For so long I struggled with many demons but for so long instead of doing anything about it I just hid, coped and hoped it would go away. Admitting to the people I hold … Continue reading

Introspective Entry 1 x pieces of my mind for my peace of mind.

Been overly distant lately so many things have been different lately Not everybody has the same heart as you all those old faces you loved they never really loved you it might hurt but the harsh reality is true you think about them but its been years since they last thought about you. Situations turned … Continue reading Introspective Entry 1 x pieces of my mind for my peace of mind.

Not really sure what to title this; wether its a campaign or what didn't want it to be cringy either ( because doing a whole blog post isn't cringy at all. The University sports awards nominations have been live for a week or so now and someone very important to me deserves the nominations and … Continue reading


Life goes through phases this too shall pass and i'll be alright. I often sit and wonder surely there's more to this thing called life than we experience? But then everybody's experience is different. That brings the question of "what do you want out of life?" Job's, careers; money comes and goes that doesn't fulfil … Continue reading Phases