It’s hard to believe so much time has passed part of me is always sad today. But I try not to be because that just wasn’t you. You ALWAYS ALWAYS smiled. so I try to do the same. I could go on forever about all the things I miss but its those memories that get me through today. You would of been here to keep pushing me, on all the nights out. On my down days you’d phone and wouldn’t hang up till you heard me laughing.

Because that was you all over. Caring, kind and so selfless you made a friend wherever you went and lit up whatever room you walked into.

Something about you with everyone you knew was just so comforting & put us at ease.

Things have been tough but i’m getting through it day by day. I’ll find my way back slowly but surely.

As I write this even these words don’t feel like enough; to even show a fraction of what you meant & just how important you are.

I love you & miss you more than I could ever explain.

Rest in perfect peace bro ❤️

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