Summer Daze

More wins and smiles more reasons to celebrate

More livin’ & laughing prayers for better days stressed out I meditate on a mission to elevate,

Mind body soul and spirit I am not the same as yesterday

Through pain comes growth & through growth comes change can’t make a difference if I stay the same

Never exist to be good always aspire to be great it doesn’t matter how long it takes

Lets take a break…

In a world full of greed hate & jealousy in a generation that operates off likes & lack of empathy within a time when one week your friend next week is your enemy

Sometimes this is too much man just let me breath

Maybe I love too easy cause i’ve lost to this day I still love people that i’ve lost but i miss em from a distance cause it’s been too long some bonds never break cause the bonds too strong.

As I sit & reflect and get all this off my chest I can’t help but think whats coming round next?

all i know is my heart & energy is all I need to protect I guess there’s certain things I have to forgive but that doesn’t mean I have to forget.

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