Iโ€™m done hiding, being scared of what people will say & think how iโ€™ll be judged, what people will say. Fact is writing for me is therapeutic, it allows me to be expressive and it allows me to create. All the things I need. Its hard to explain but iโ€™m tired of suppressing myself, holding myself back from expressing how I truly feel, giving myself a space & platform to unapologetically be myself.

Iโ€™ve been through a lot I still go through a lot life taught me lessons I never knew I needed to learn.

But youโ€™ll get all that in the form of raw, honest and truthful writing. Donโ€™t ask me what that means because I donโ€™t really know myself. Thereโ€™s no agenda, no concept, no deadline. This will just be whatever it ends up being

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