Introspective Entry 1 x pieces of my mind for my peace of mind.

Been overly distant lately so many things have been different lately

Not everybody has the same heart as you all those old faces you loved they never really loved you it might hurt but the harsh reality is true you think about them but its been years since they last thought about you.

Situations turned you heartless what happened to the old you I look in the mirror man its like I don’t even know you

From time its as if nothing’s been the same the furthest thing from perfect if your reading this its too late

I’m after views and a way to keep the family close 6 of us after more life somehow take care all on my own.

Old friends are practically strangers that shits just weird to me some bridges I need to rebuild go back and do it differently.

I look around and all I want is honesty and people to keep it real everyday I lose something you have any idea how that feels?

Mom warned me everyone I loved would disappear if they really loved you then then they ain’t going anywhere.

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