Not really sure what to title this; wether its a campaign or what didn’t want it to be cringy either ( because doing a whole blog post isn’t cringy at all.

The University sports awards nominations have been live for a week or so now and someone very important to me deserves the nominations and deserves to be in the running for volunteer & social sports activator of the year. But you need a reason to vote so allow me to explain why you should vote.

Why You Should Vote?

The social sport programme is set up at our university to provide accessible sport to student’s and the local community to increase, develop & sustain participation. To promote physical activity, most of all having fun & enjoying yourself.

Wheelchair basketball & badminton are run by Nod my amazing sister and the university’s leading activator ( if you disagree your just wrong)

Wheelchair basketball is by no means an easy session to run with all the equipment and the time it takes to set up; having to plan weekly keeping the sessions fun and engaging.

But its done so effortlessly without fail. sports that involve disabilities and people that have disabilities are often shied away from or don’t last long but having wheelchair basketball as part of the social sport programme is so important and every week my sister gives up an hour of her time and we have a laugh and most times it’s the highlight of my week.

You’ve read this far so now its the important bit you’ve read it a couple times over these sessions are important for a number of reasons… so let’s get the plesentaries out the way; having these sessions is a massive stress relief for me and has massively helped me deal with my anxiety & depression, my condition has steadily deteriorated over the last year and the only way I can control it is by physical activity. Although it’s once a week its regular enough for me to be able to maintain a small part of what I have left.

The most important thing about these sessions though is its where I got to meet someone so important, so special. Ultimately someone who I hold very close.

Every week you turn up to do these sessions with a smile, even when your injured and on crutches you still put us & these sessions first. People come and go and have an impact on you. You’ve had such an impact on me as a person, I admire your honesty, your resilience and most of all who you are as a person. Nobody deserves to win these awards more than you because you gave me a route back into playing sport. Coming to these sessions is where our friendship started but your practically family.

It can never be understated just how much you mean to me and by leading these sessions how much you’ve helped me grow as a person; in terms of coming out my shell more, helping me to open up about so many things and just enjoying playing a sport again.

You did that and i’ll be forever grateful for it.

The social sports activator & volunteer of the year awards should be given on the merit of the person who has had a positive impact on the programme & it’s participants time and time again Nod tirelessly commits to this and so many other things because thats just who she is…..

a selfless, kind, caring and honest person. Who doesn’t mince her words and deserves nothing but good thing’s someone who gives so much and asks for nothing in return. Somebody thats changed me & my life for the better.

So i say all that to say do the right thing and vote for her nobody deserves it more.

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