Life goes through phases this too shall pass and i’ll be alright.

I often sit and wonder surely there’s more to this thing called life than we experience? But then everybody’s experience is different. That brings the question of “what do you want out of life?”

Job’s, careers; money comes and goes that doesn’t fulfil me, however i’m not saying you can survive without it.

Moments, memories those situations when time slows down you step back and appreciate every single second of a moment. The people, sounds when you stop and for a brief second there isn’t a care in the world just for a small period you experience contentment that’s what I crave.

I reminiscently think back to the latter years of school, 6th form at the time I thought I was unhappy…. but boy I look back on it now and i’d give anything to go back there just to do a few things differently.

Happiness is what really matters, it’s not worth compromising that for anything. Right now i’d love to just pack my bags and go travelling being broke and halfway through a uni degree isn’t helping the situation but oh well.

I’m done pretending, done faking & forcing done with holding myself hostage with guilt over people that raised you. Done with drama, anything that is unimportant towards growth.

I’ve made a decision a massive one but I feel a lot lighter on the shoulders because of it. now I get to take a step back and chill. I’m not really sure where this is going to take me, but you trust the process, the timing and god. For everything happens for a reason.

Shout out my family though. For being understanding & accepting. Although you don’t agree with my choice to see you still in my corner means everything when my family by blood let me down.

Storms come and go sometimes there light, sometimes there heavy. But they don’t last forever and i know i’ma be alright in the end.

They say you should leave the past in the past but i’ve got some bridges I need to rebuild that I should never of let break in the first place

Phases you go through thing’s and never really come out the other side the same person. But as one phase ends another begins…..

See you on the other side.

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