If you were me? What would you want your loved ones to say in your eulogy

But what if I bare my heart for you to see

All the mistakes I made what would I do differently?

I never meant for bonds to break and love to fade life got crazy and I just wanted to get away

Be happy, spread love & celebrate

All the pain I felt man it cut me deep see all my loved ones Every time I close my eyes to sleep

I see grandad telling me follow my dreams I see Leon big bro I hope your proud of me

I see Joel & Daryll stood each side of me my little baby bro it just wasnโ€™t meant to be.

So much loved lost, so much love gained death & heartbreak the grim reaper loves pain.

See my mom crying see myself dying see my headstone with the words there was no one else like him.

Build with your people tell em every day you love them

Keep your heart clean never put materials above them

So I guess if I did my own eulogy itโ€™d read something like this

I loved and lost made a lot of mistakes

I grew and changed and tried to treat everyone the same my intentions were pure but the world was cold I searched for happiness cause I was so alone.

I loved my family and only wanted the best theyโ€™ll forever remain on the left side of my chest

Whatever life gives open up both hands and take it cause all i ever wanted was to be the worlds greatest

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