N O / H A R D / F E E L I N G S

My loyalty was there I treated you like flesh and blood it was supposed to be all of us together coming up.

We was more than mandem & a rowdy bunch good kids at heart despite all the bad thing’s we done

We always said we’d get rich together tat it on our hands rich forever

You was my shooter my right hand when it got messy little did i know me following my dreams would fill you green with envy

You started to disrespect me belittle and even get me to react to all your sly digs just so you could get me…. to lose everything that I gained and stay just like you funny thing is my momma never liked you.

Who changed, you changed calling me fake or are you just jealous that I out grew you taking digs at new friends I made & how I’ve been acting different we ain’t gang like that so why you concerned with them.

Crabs in a barrel I don’t want to stay in the ends forever if you never switched on me we could of moved our families out the ends forever.

You switched sides you can stay there next time I won’t play fair

Nothing was the same, no hard feelings if you read this its too late so take care.

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