M I N D / O V E R / M A T T E R

Mind over matter I see a lot go on around me

In a society full of selfishness & greed my souls trying to stay grounded.

People are starving & dying young children & family’s are grieving and crying all while the government & politicians keep thieving & lying.

Why does every day feel like i’m living on the brink why am i living in a world where people are scared to express how they feel and what they truly think?

Moneys the root to all evil, powers the source to all greed its as if we’ve forgotten each other as equals and that we all bleed

But it’s mind over matter telling myself I believe it can change you can never really grow if you stay the same

M I N D / O V E R / M A T T E R

Believe in yourself accept that your going to fail and sometimes you might need help everybody goes through struggles and has a story to tell, spread love be a light & love yourself.

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