Blood ain’t always thicker than water this is deeper than friendship

My strength when I feel weak my guidance when I feel lost a light that never dims that extra push when my hope is gone

I’ve laughed with you cried to you and told you my deepest secrets everyone before you? You showed me that I don’t need em

At my lowest when I broke you picked up the pieces dealing with me for you wasn’t easy i just hope when I tell you I love you; you believe me.

Friends come and go but family’s forever I just hope the bond never breaks and we can shine together

It’s hard for me to open up and admit how much you’ve changed me i’ve been thinking about it a lot lately and the only thing I can say is its crazy.

I never knew family before you could never explain the love and respect I hold for you roll to the ends of the earth for you.

I can’t end this by admitting i’m a prick sometimes do dumb shit and don’t think sometimes

But your bloodline family for life i might not of changed yours but life’s different cause you changed mine.

I never had a family growing up I always wanted to be part of one like the ones you see on Tv. I never thought i’d end up holding you all to such high esteem. But I can’t help you all make me smile, can’t help that when ever i’m with you I feel like for once I have a part of life I can smile about.

For once it’s not “it’s only shum” or “he won’t mind”

Its deeper than that; whenever something good happens your the first group of people I want to tell. I’ve never felt pride the way I do when you all achieve something, whenever you win I feel like I win to; when life’s got you down it hurts me too.

There were nights when I prayed so hard to just have a select group of people that I could always count on, before you I never opened up because I didn’t wanna be hurt; before you trust was something I didn’t think existed.

Thank you for everything you do, all the effort for being selfless, caring and attentive most of all….

Thank you for being the family I always wanted.

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