You ever feel it in your bones

The feeling your on the cusp

of greatness

A feeling so strong you can’t explain it

I see my name in lights

My family set for life

Since I had the vision

I’ve hardly slept at night

A hunger so great a drive so relentless a focus so clear you see life through 4K lenses

I’m done pretending my dreams

i have to protect them

all the people that helped build this i’ll never forget them

It sends shivers through my spine brings tears to my eyes

how this one thing went on to be the biggest

Difference in my life.

Look deep into my eyes and understand I came from nothing

In my wildest dreams I would never of saw this coming

Remember days I was broke

Days I was starving

Days we never had no heating

Most days we wasn’t laughing

Dreams are all I had

Dreams was all we’d known

Dreams of a better life

Are the only thing

That give us hope.

You ever been so low your passion or your dream is all you had? Its the only thing that gets you out of bed it gives presence to your present a meaning to your purpose.

There was times I didn’t eat times when I went weeks without sleeping. I did some fucked up things and hurt a lot of people in the process.

But i’m not that guy anymore; Uni was where it all changed, you don’t need uni to be successful in life but the opportunities i’ve had and the people i’ve met was because of uni

It gave me my life back, a second chance I never knew I needed.

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