D A R K T H O U G H T ‘ S

Voices in your head

Telling u your worthless

Telling u your life will never be perfect

That your existence means nothin’

And your life isn’t worth it.

Everybody around you is happy

Stop being a burden

You claim to love them

So why continue to hurt them.

They wouldn’t miss you if you’d gone

Wouldn’t care if you’d left

Only tell themselves they loved you

All because you were dead.

Do everyone a favour

without you they’d smile more

Why you so miserable?

Why you always down for?

You may as well be invisible

Nobody can see you

You need everyone else

Way more than they need you.

It’s crazy I even felt Like this, depression is something i’ve coped with never really addressed. How do you explain the worthlessness, the constant sadness the emptiness, you don’t because how can you explain how you feel when you don’t understand it yourself.

On two occasions I thought ending it was my only & the best option. I’m getting help now. It won’t go away but i’ll learn to control my emotions & live with it better.

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