You know whats crazy its been 4 years since we spoke stupid thing is I still get the same feeling scrolling past your name in my phone

If i’m gonna move on there’s some things I need to address so take a seat, grab a drink and let me get some things of my chest

I was never meant to fall for you but i couldn’t help myself if only you knew half the silly things I used to tell myself.

I used to love how we’d joke and could talk for hours but I used to hate knowing the fact people would talk about us

See you was perfect nobody made me feel like you did the messed up thing is I reckon deep down you knew this

The first person i’d think of in the morning and the last one i’d think of at night the only person i believed besides my mother telling me everything’s gonna be alright

I know your smiling but don’t get too comfy because we all know there’s two sides to every story

I let my guard down and trusted you with everything hid no secrets and always told you anything

I used to get mad when you’d cry and talk down on yourself hoping you’d see what I see and tried my best to help

You messed with some fuck boys ones that weren’t worth it this whole pretending to be friends just wasn’t working

Yet you didn’t care and made me feel worthless thats when my image of you was no longer perfect.

4 years on I see that your happy settled down sometimes I wonder if you even think about me

I guess life goes on and people grow i never loved anyone the way I did you but something tells me you’ve always known

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