Clean Slate / M I N D : O V E R : M A T T E R

Its been a while; it’s that time of year everyones winding down being merry and all that jazz.

Writing’s always been a form of therapy for me; a way of expression. A release. A way of channeling my erratic emotions.

I’m not the best at dealing and controlling my emotions, but writing helps that.

And if your creative the urge to create never really goes away.

You see i’m scared of being vulnerable, scared of letting my art speak. But to live in fear is failure in itself.

So, life’s had a messed up way of teaching me a few things –

Pain never lasts forever storms come and go, your never the same person afterwards but you live to see another day.

Find people you love and cherish them, build with them and live in moment’s with them.

No matter how bad things are, how much you feel like the only person in the world going through things you live, breath & bleed too. Find balance & happiness in small things.

Don’t expect so much of yourself; allow yourself to fall, grow and learn. The process makes the product.

Its not been an easy year; by no means an easy few months but only I can change myself.

So from the 1/1/18 – a series of poems will be released on my blog covering some real personal issues i’ve been dealing with.

I just want to be happy and work hard to share experiences and make memories with those that I love. Thats it. Money ; stature, fame none of that means anything.

M I N D / O V E R / M A T T E R – 1/1/18.


To my family, I haven’t been the easiest to deal with for a while, I’ve hurt you. Behaved & acted erratically. Been rude amongst many other things. Just know your the glue that holds me together. Without you guys I wouldn’t of took the steps I have to get help.

I owe so much to you all and I can only hope one day I’ll be in a position to be able to support you and make memories with you.

I know you’ll see this; Sometimes less is more I love you all.

Truly Yours….


See you on the other side 1 / 1 / 18.

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