My Time Coaching Within The Albion Foundation.

Football & coaching has never been a quick root to money, I love the sport. Its bipolar emotions of nerves, angst and ecstasy all in one go there’s nothing like it.

As a coach my role is to teach, empower and inspire. I want to make a difference to peoples life’s and change perceptions. There’s no better setting then my role within The Albion Foundation.

I’ve been involved with The Albion Foundation since I was 13 trying my hand at playing and then returning after 2-3 years to transition into coaching.

Powerchair football to me or (wheelchair football) as it’s more commonly known was completely alien to me; the size of the ball, speed of the game how it’s played. It was all brand new.

In my younger day’s I never really saw myself as an ambassador for disabled coaches. Back then I never thought i’d be where I am now so that’s probably why.

But now I see it, and it’s something I embrace with the Albion Foundation giving me the opportunity to coach their development side.

Having this opportunity and role has given me something I crave so much for my presence to have a purpose.

Football is a universal language its opportunities should reflect that too; The Foundation does so much spanning over many a diverse community and the powerchair football programme is the embodiment of that in itself.

These young people turn up and for once they feel like they matter, their included, not looked at funny or excluded for any reason. They come and make friends and have a laugh but most important of all they get made to experience the feeling of being called a footballer and representing something, being a part of something and that’s so so valuable.

Coaching them is a task but one that I relish because I’m learning how to communicate in different ways with different individuals, i’m having to test my adaptability, and i’m having kids look up to me that’s the most daunting thing of all.

But with that being said I love it, these young individuals are some of the strongest, determined, self resilient people you will ever meet. They have every reason to to say no to life but they keep going; and to have one of them say they want to be just like me was an inexplicable feeling.

They deserve the chance to experience a sport created and adapted for them. And to be able to coach them and make an impact on their life’s means so much.

I know i’ll develop as a better coach because of this experience And when all’s said and done I just want to show these young individuals and anybody with a disability that’s thinking of a career in coaching or football that anythings possible.

The Albion Foundation impacts so many people and does so much to develop, empower and give opportunities to everybody. It puts everything into perspective and makes my role so rewarding.

As a coach I said I wanted to change life’s who would of thought this would change mine.

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