Coaching Within The Benson Community Project.

Whats happening people, been a while since i’ve blogged about anything coaching related. So I thought i’d spend part of my evening talking about a recent coaching experience. Being involved in The Benson Community Project.

Initially it came about through contacting one of my mentors needing & wanting more coaching experience, something that will be completely unorthodox to my norm.

So along I went, not expecting anything. No idea what the environment would be like or the people i’d have to deal with.

Upon arrival I was greeted with the very embodiment of what this programme is, Football for the community, by it’s community.

In the words of one of the programmes founders – Benson Community Project is

” Simple, reliable & accessible project for those that want to enjoy the beautiful game”

My coaching style while being at Benson Community hasn’t changed much but it’s really made me become aware of why this serves a certain purpose.

This programme was set up for the local community and it targets those forgive the reference “bad kids” or the ones that are outcasted and to me thats the beauty of this community project.

It allows me to step into the role of being a role model a living, breathing example to these kids that no matter who or how many times you get written off everybody deserves a chance. Benson Community has a massive family feel to it.

And its really helping me develop my people skills. These children turn up, to play and for 2-3 hours they are there, no problem at home matters. How somebody’s made them feel isn’t important and where they are from doesn’t restrict them, they get to turn up have a kick about with their friends and go home. The simplest form of community football you could find.

The best part of it all? The kids faces the smiles, that sound of laughter the agonised groans of a last minute winner, or the anguish of a missed chance.

But here I get to relax, help the kids develop a love for football and show them they have the ability if they work hard. Be more than just the bad kid, or the outcast.

Here they have an environment to be free, relax and just enjoy themselves, away from the pressures of home or certain things in the community that could otherwise distract them gravely.

In the end its always about the kids, i’m thoroughly enjoying being involved a massive thank you to Paul & Errol for being so supportive, understanding & inclusive but most of all for always pushing me to deliver.

Football is more than a sport and the impact it has on lives transcends anything you could ever imagine.

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