In Memory, For Tribute & just so everyone knows just how much of a special Person you were.

Happy Birthday Bro, your day. ❤️

Guess I should start this off by wishing you happy birthday

Joel means so much to so many people. He was kind, generous committed & passionate. He loved helping people, passing on his enthusiasm for sport. I first met Joel volunteering at the Birmingham County FA

He rang me and said "i'm really impressed by your application and can't wait to work alongside you.

That was my first entry into "volunteering" within football.

Joel was where it all started. He became a friend mentor and was just destined for so much. As a friend he was everything you want in a person, honest, loyal and always there to pick you up with that Hollywood smile.

Perhaps, the memory that means the most…

I remember being really low, stagnant with coaching, struggling to find somewhere to coach, feeling like my disability would be too much of a barrier, that I wouldn't be able to pursue my dream; I'd felt out of my depth and wanting to give up.

So I spoke to Joel. And his words of encouragement are why i'm still chipping and clawing away to make this work somehow, someway.

"Shum, you can't give up. I know it's hard, and its a bit different for you, but you've come so far. Think of all the people you'll inspire. Everyone has days like this, but i'll be here if you need anything. Think of the impact you can have. We'll work together, i'll help you as much as you want me to and we'll do it together."

That was Joel, understanding, kind. Warm and always positive even if he was having a bad day, you'd never know it.

He meant so much to so many.

It's never easy, the pain never really goes. I just know I have to carry on what you started, I have to change peoples lives, like you changed mine.

I don't know if i'll ever make it, but I won't stop trying. A smile that could light up any room. A humble, hard working genuine guy.

Your name and legacy goes wherever I go and not a day shall pass without you crossing our minds.

Party hard up there, love and miss you like crazy.

A friend, a brother and a natural born leader.

Happy Birthday ❤️

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