Only Us

Often times I just sit back and reflect. Take stock of things to be grateful for.

This is one of those moments.

Friends come and go but family is forever. They came into my life almost as fate. At a time when I was going through change. Realising Truth and seeing that hanging on wasn't healthy.

I love them all, so much. Profusely. They mean the absolute world. I'll go to the ends of the earth, drive through every brick wall till my battery dies out. Ready at any given moment to take a bullet if I have to.

" The ones that make you happy keep them close "

And man do they make me happy, so so happy.

Like if you've got those friends that you just have this inexplicable love for. You understand what i'm saying.

I love the fact that 98% of the time we're either tearing 7 shades of shit out of each other. Or somebody else. I wake up every day and when it's a day I get to see them I just can't wait.

I love how we all support and pull through for one another. I love knowing the fact that whenever the moment comes. We have each others backs.

It ain't about who you've known the longest, it's about who gets you the most. Who accepts you, doesn't judge you and makes you comfortable to be yourself.

I grin from ear to ear whenever i'm around em, my heart bursts with pride whenever they achieve something. I want nothing more than for them to just be happy livin' life.

Never really had an affectionate loving family growing up, but I finally feel like i've found what i've been missing.

Always and forever. Nobody else can even come close.

It's mad to explain but all the drama doesn't even matter cause it all disappears whenever i'm with them. Crazy thing is their not my escape or release from it all.

Their just the best, most amazing people.

I'm so blessed man god knows.

Cherish your family man, serious nothing matters more to me than them.

2 thoughts on “Only Us

  1. I simply have no words. I smiled my whole way through reading that. Your so good with your words its too perfect to be true! One of my bestfriends for life, so gald ive met you. Roll on the rest of our friendship! 💚💜

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