It’s Never “just” Coaching Or “just” Football.

On this dreary Friday as sit & reflect in between reading, napping & going through coaching resources.

I've contemplated many a time when i've heard "oh it's just coaching" or "it's just football"

Well I hate to be the one to burst bubbles but it's really not. It's so much more. So to hear that innocuous remark sort of became the starting point of this blog post.

in previous blogs published i've spoken about how coaching was just something i'd fell into. left my first job at 18 and needed something fulfilling, something with a purpose to reignite the spark that my job had sucked out of me.

Being a coach is a massive responsibility, to some young children you are their first point of reference to the game of football. Aside from the glitz & glamour they see on TV, you are their teacher,guide and facilitator.

To the teens/adults you may be the influence or role model they lack in their home environment but even that transcends to young children too.

Being a coach means you are by default the one who develops, empowers and builds. And I love it.

I say that with exuberant enthusiasm because the best thing about coaching is…

You never have all the answers but you constantly look for all solutions.

You never stop learning to learn.

I know i'll grow more confident and it is possible for me to do this; and my disability isn't an excuse and can no longer be my parachute for every single moment I fall flat on my face.

Because when I fall, there's only one way it can go from there, and that's forward. But i'll get back up with experience and a whole heap of lessons to carry me forward.

As a coach your responsibility is your philosophy, your environment, your team and your individuals.

Being a coach showed me how key communication is and the the many ways it varies.

Being a coach highlighted I need to know how and when to navigate between the different ways of communication, because no one person learns the same.

It also highlighted, I had to take a step back stop competing with those around me and start competing with myself. Every coaches journey is different and its a marathon not a sprint.

Coaching has given me so much.

A sense of purpose, direction and ease… when i'm out on that pitch watching people play, just for that small period time stands still, it freezes, all my personal problems do not matter, small minor worries disappear.

Nothing makes me feel more accomplished when I sit for hours on end watching video footage and then the lightbulb comes on and I can say "I get it now"

Football as a whole has given me more than I could of dreamed of. Taken me to places I never thought i'd see and brought people in to my life that have become great friends, mentors and teachers.

It's a marathon, not a sprint there's still more lessons to be learnt, more things for me to experience and so much more for me to learn.

Football has literally changed my life for the better, so next time you think it's "just a sport" or "just coaching"

I hope you think back to this.

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