Arsenal: Frustration, Uncertainty & Distance.

Thats all folks, another season same story. I didn’t even watch the game, I haven’t watched a game since we had our pants pulled down and played red arse with Bayern. Worst of all where do you start?

This shit’s heart breaking man like it really hurts, yeah i’ll get frustrated; and say that i’m done, throw a tanturum and chuck my toys out the pram. But I love football, I love Arsenal man always have always will. Not a thing on this earth gives me a thrill like football does.

But over the last 10 years i’ve just become so disintrested and distant towards Arsenal it’s just not how it used to be, and to be honest I don’t see it getting better. We all know Stan Kroenke won’t sell, we all know Wengers staying so where do we go from here?

We were told we’d be a European super club with the likes of Bayern.

We were told we’d compete and we haven’t it’s just so draining, exhausting and extremely monotonous being an Arsenal fan these days.

The problems are far bigger than Wenger the problem is the clubs board, the mentality & the lack of ruthlessness to just make calls when they’re needed. 

I understand us as a club is a VERY profitable business Kroenke won’t sell because he has no reason to, and he has money of his own otherwise why else would he turn down the rumoured Β£2 billion his been offered to sell up?

If he’s got money of his own why not invest it back to see success?  but there is a pattern here, All  the other franchises he owns are not doing well and haven’t done well for YEEEEEEARS. In terms of football this man has no interest he doesn’t care, Colarado Rapids or whatever they’re called finished practically near the bottom of their MLS division but he still made a tidy profit.

In terms of Arsene Wenger I love the man, I started following and supporting Arsenal because of players like Thierry Henry, Ian Wright, Bergkamp ect they made my eyes light up man. Players he brought in. He needs to go but come on as humans have a bit of decency and remember he is human. 

Some of the abuse this season has been disgusting, embarrassing and shameful. I would love for him to win the FA cup and step down with whatever remaints he has of his legacy. 

But will he? No. Will Kroenke sell? No. I strongly believe a contract has been signed its more a matter of if not when.

The thing that stings though is the fact we moved in 2006 by now we should have a a cabinet littered with trophys. But we don’t Spurs have their new stadium and look nailed on to win the league within the next two seasons that burns so much.

In my fantasy world Wenger and David Dein would be on the board. Usmanov would be majority owner and either Pep, Simeone or Alegri would be in charge. But it won’t happen.

We stand to lose Sanchez & Ozil, won’t attract any big names and will struggle to adapt to the schedule of the Europa League. can’t say i’m looking forward to the summer or next season to be honest.

Before I sit down for Match Of The Day I want to touch on our fans, what if this is what Arsenal are meant to be? A once great club, our fans our so entitled because of the early success and the Invincibles what if we just expect more than what we’re actually capable of? Every team has there phase and drought maybe this is ours.

Meh best get used to this feeling because nothing’s going to change.

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