My First Year At Uni.

can’t even believe its flown like that man. So crazy but welp, thats first year done & in the books. What an experience it’s been and if i’ve got anything out of it it’s opened my eyes to a lot of things. 

without pain there is no growth, without growth there is no change & without change you’ll never progress how can I make a difference to peoples life’s if I stay the same?

And I was so scared of changing to start with I went into the whole thing thinking I wouldn’t find anyone on my level, make any friends and be a loner, but in the end I found 4 of the best people ever & my lifes so much better with them in it.

Perhaps the biggest lease of life university has given me is being around people similar to me & out of the fixed mindset background that is soooo toxic to be around. Lectures have challenged me to be open with how I view coaching and it’s broader context. Volunteering through the support of the university has given me the much needed experience; the growing pains that the coach in me so badly craved, i’ll be a better coach because it.

The home stretch from March onwards was a rough time personally but an unlikely aid in the form of wheelchair basketball came to the rescue to help. It allowed me to release built up tension, stress that i’d bottled for the last 5 years and in turn helped me to have some form of social aspect back in my life for the first time since i’d left school. A strange way to “cope” but it’s all down to the lead coach & student activator.

So to summarize –
It’s fine to change and grow the people true to you will support and understand that. I know next year I have to be switched on from the start and put even more effort into my work and volunteering. I don’t have all the answers yet but as a coach everyones journey is different it’s a marathon not a sprint and it’s about what’s important to me & my values. University is something I needed and so glad i’ve done.

Now i’m ready for next year. To hit the top bracket of grades, get stuck into coaching at Silverdale , the university 3rd & Futsal team & hopefully bring powerchair football to the university too! Want it to be a big year for me.

To end i’d like to say thank you, to my friends for being there when I needed them most. You saved me in more ways then you’ll ever know, i’ve laughed, cried & laughed some more. In between been a right cheeky sod 75% of the time & you’ve still put up with me, you guys are the best & i’m so thankful & blessed to call you friends.

To Martin, Tracy, James,& Ben. You’ve  all tirelessly whenever i’ve needed something or asked for your help gone out of your way to do all that you can to make sure I get the experience I need, and i’m comfortable in my setting. The time; effort and commitment is greatly appreciated. 

On to next year now.
Bring it on! 

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