An Untitled Letter. 

Having good people around you helps so much when you have to deal with something so exhausting like mental health. 

I’m a strong believer in just being a good person, making yourself & those around you happy. And just having a clean heart. 

Hence my writing of this letter / 
The loves unconditional, the bond unbreakable.

I’ve never been this happy. – 

To 4 amazing people a letter.

Yoooo at the time of writing this it’s like 2:10 in the morning.

I just wanted to say thank you. I’m never going to stop saying it i’m never going to stop showing how greatful & appreciative I am.

You lot don’t know how much you mean to me man i swear. Even if I put it into words it still wouldn’t be enough.

You make me the happiest person on earth man I don’t care if it’s corny cringy or moist. The energies & vibe I catch when i’m around you lot is the maddest. I just believe in being a good person & showing the people that are around you that you love them. I’m not on all that other shit man. 

You don’t know how much you’ve helped me man, dealing with anxiety & depression ain’t easy my moods are up and down from 1 minute to the next I don’t expect you to have answers that’s not the point here, it’s not fair for me to expect that. I don’t even understand it myself so how can you?

All that matters in the end is my happiness, my family & you lot man. Yes you lot but then your like my brothers & sisters anyway so you know.

Your the ones i’m gonna nag and push because I see your potential and what you can be & become not in a way were i’m tryna tell you what to do or anything but because I care about what you’ve given to my life by your presence. And I want you to have the best out of your own. That’s all I care.

Your gonna be the first ones I run to when I find my wife & the mother of my kids and the one I wanna spend the rest of my life with but I need a background check. Oi chapperz & deaks set me up with one of your peng friends, it’s looking real shambolic at the minute we might have to set up a tinder. Not really sure what my hook line and sinker would be though…..

I mean i’ve had the same wheelchair for about 8-10 years if that doesn’t show i’m loyal & committed to the settling down & long term thing then i dunno what will. I’m not hard to turn on either it’s only one button lmao.

I came to you 4 in my time of need and you did all i asked just let me open up, not pretend for the first time in my life not have to act, cause i’m a big softie really i’m just a wavey softie. But that’s the best bit I can be that way around you lot and even then sometimes i’m just a fool and you’ll just laugh at me and it’s the best.

Your the ones I just want to travel the world with and enjoy life with your the ones when i’m able to and in the financial position to do so; do random shit with just cause we can. You all know how much football & coaching mean to me your the ones I want by my side cause I can feel something special happening man & wherever it takes me i’m not leaving any of you behind man.

Your the ones I can’t shut up about, your the ones that every one deserves to know just how amazing you are as people. Disclaimer to anyone that reads this these 4 are the most trillest individuals on earth.

If there’s one thing life taught me it’s that I focused my good energy on the wrong people that’s where I fucked up. Not now, not this time I learnt the hard way.  

Just know, if ever any of you need someone to talk to, or listen to you. To confide in. To help you through something. Advice whatever it is. I got you forever. I’d go to the ends of the earth for you 4 man & I know that you know I can feel it. 

I’ve got nothing but love, respect & admiration for you lot man. You’ve got my loyalty & love forever. It’s so mad i was so scared i’d come to uni and be a loner and not make any friends. & I know you probably don’t believe in god but I never stop praying for you guys. For his light to shine continuously on you, your families & siblings for him to forever let you find happiness, peace & joy in every aspect of your life.

I’ve come to the last part of the letter now.

real friends man thats all i ever wanted people that actually cared i just can’t believe i’ve found it.

💙  – the blue heart represents you – my brothers, my sisters things like this you can’t force you have to allow them room to grow & blossom. I want us all to be happy, & successful in life individually or together it don’t matter cause when it’s real not a thing on earth can threaten or break how I feel about you 4

Jheeze i’m so poetic sometimes. who needs Shakespeare.   

my family for life. I love you lot man.

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