Listening & visually seeing are two diffrent things, I haven’t changed, i’ve grown. I see & hear people & things differently now.

Badmind people with their dirty hearts and intentions will not prosper against me. No way. 

I dunno what some of you lot are on these days but image & status really means nothing at all man. Get off that. 

Sit with your close ones find out how they’re feeling ask them what plans they have for themselves, can you empower & help them, perhaps connect them to somone who can benefit them. Show em you care.

Big up the genuine people in the world man the ones that help for helps sake expecting nothing in return but to see you happy.

Clean hearted till the end.

Your past doesn’t define you, it happened it broke you then shaped you. Your decisions moving forward are FAR more impactful & important. Focus on those.

If it’s meant to be you can’t stop it, big believer in fate; energies & god. If it’s planned let it be & learn from it and keep it moving.
I feel like god & the universe has took control man, feel different can literally see & feel myself changing it’s mad.

Miss me with the nonsense man not with that at all. 

Cause in the end this is all that matters – 

Happiness & love. Positivity & light I wanna take care of my siblings & my mother. I wanna see all my friends being succsessful in life I want my success to be theirs, I want to travel the whole world creating moments & memories with them. I want the random, spontaneous memories to be the ones, 20 years from now that we all laugh about.


love those around you man.


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