The Vision.

You can’t see where your going if you don’t learn to appreciate where you are.

I want to be the first fully licenced disabled coach to manage in the Premier League. I want my name mentioned in the same breath as Sir Alex & Johan Cryuff.

When you build greatness it takes time. But it’s not just that, it’s not the money or the attention it’s deeper than that… bigger than that.

This all this, is for my family & friends to make them see I was not put on this earth earth to be good I am built to be great.

This is for my mother, nan, aunty & sister my 4 queens for raising me as the man I am today & for my sister to see an example of what a man is and should be.

This is for my two brothers to see anything is possible and it’s okay to chase your dreams. For them to understand the combination of talent, hard work & determination and a drop of faith can fling you forward whatever you want to achieve.

This is for 4 of the most amazing friends on the face of this earth, my support system, my family. The kindest, inspring most clean hearted & generous people you could ever imagine. 

This is to uplift them, show them and share my wins with them as if it’s their own. For them to be by my side through every good moment in my life to share memories with them & to build greatness together. 

And when life gets rough for us all we dust off & carry each other on our backs through thick & thin. Cause real friends are the best blessing in life. 

This is for every single one of my mentors who supported and guided me, pushed & inspired me you put your faith in me now my hard work is your reward.

This is to empower and inspire any person I make contact with for them to feel & see what geniune passion and love for what you do looks like. I tried to avoid refrencing football & leadership but it’s impossible to make my point without it.

Using football to make the world a better place. It’s social pulling power is inexplicable.

This is for Joel & all my other loved ones laid to rest.

I know how good I am, I know how good I can be. But i’d be remiss to say it was all done by me on my own.

Beacause it wasn’t so many memories, places and people had a part to play it’s all for them.

I’m going off on a slight tangent here but it fits trust me.

Disabilty Football, disabled coaches need a face. Need a example need a leader & a team to carry it forward and take it to the height’s it deserves to be at.

Well just get ready cause all this i’m about to flip the whole thing on it’s head.

I hope this lights a spark in you & I leave you with this

More time with family and friend’s. More life.

I’ve still got vibrations to send. More Life 

They say I could live forever. At night I pray that it’s true.

I’ve done so much in my short time. And still there’s more to do.

But if someone should come collecting.

Sooner then we’re all expecting.

At least the life you lived was one for you.

More love, more light , more blessings more life.

Word to Drake.

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