Wheelchair Basketball : The laughs, fast pace and burning rubber

I have time to kill before lecture so I thought I’d blog about my experience of playing wheelchair basketball through my university’s social sport program / initiative.

So let’s begin….

When I first made the descision to return to the sport after 3 years out, apprehension built up as I was not sure if I’d ever rediscover the abilities I once had. Due to lack of funding within my area for recreational sports, a low family income and transport barriers after leaving school and entering the big grown up world of work, my effort and commitment towards physiotherapy dropped at a stark rate. As it was just impossible to find solutions and ways around my barriers with nobody willing to help.

Fast forward a couple months to finding out I’ve been accepted into my first choice university one of the things on my agenda was to find out what sports they offer for students with disabilities, I wanted some form of physical activity back in my life, something to regularly do & just have a laugh.

So along I rolled not really sure if I’d stick to it, enjoy it and everything else.

And it’s the best descision I’ve ever made…

It’s become my stress relief my decompress and the environment is the embodiment of what the social sport programme is in place for, I have to admit I hold up the social side of it more by going regularly I’ve made friends with some really cool people and most days it’s a barrel of laughs. 

I need to work on my ball skills a lot but I’ll soon be Steph Curry on wheels (I hope) 

A massive part of its success is the commitment from the lead coach and our student wheelchair basketball activator or the dynamic duo as I see them, without them the sessions wouldn’t be as fun as they are they come in every week without fail and make everyone old & new faces welcome. They sacrifice time with family and friends, late evenings and do it all with a smile on their face every time just for that 2 and a half hours so we can come and have a laugh, absolute heroes give them a cape each please.

At times it’s hard because I’m not as effective on the court as I’d like to be due to my cerebral palsy effecting the right side of my body predominantly but there’s no shame in trying.

The social sport program just shows how effective sport can be to help people in ways sometimes that we do not think about I’ve  made some friends that have really helped me through some rough times these last few months. Sport can be used for good and the university is testament to that, you never know what it means to someone.

Long may it continue.

Time for me to get to lecture! Enjoy your day.


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