Football Philosophy?

This is something that’s come up quite a lot in one of my modules at university, but to answer the question it needs to be defined first.

But what is  a “football philosophy” better still what is mine…. 

currently it stands at this – 

Develop players, raise people. 

Previously I coached an under 8’s side and currently volunteer within a pre academy phase setting, mini kickers, tiny tots football if you will with kids aged under 5.

 Football Philosophy is an identity,  a clear direction and or vision of how your team play and set out. 

So why is Develop players, raise people mine?

All the players i’ve worked with in my pretty infant coaching journey are young children or there abouts, who are in football just to play. And that’s what draws me in.

Their innocence towards the game, they just want to kick a ball around and have fun! but one thing I see as a threat is the effect society has on young children these days;

In the sense that one prevelant issue is a lot of children have very basic social skills if your lucky. I relish the fact i’m responsible for the first impressions of an entire sport to these children but I also love the fact that while they are with me it is my job to do the following.

Teach them it’s we instead of me

How to intergrate into a team

Communicate effectively 

Be a leader 

I’d say currently those values are what is important within my philosophy at this moment in time.

The beauty of being involved in football is you never stop learning it’s the journey along the way that changes you as a person the further you go.

Not in a horrible way but not all the children I coach are going to make it to the elite level of football. Having that thought in mind I MUST make sure these young children grow up into impressionable people for society.

 So to do this the environment they play in is – 





These core points are vital, I want them to be socially strong, be able to express and talk, build bonds and develop friendships. Mistakes are fine if you make a mistake it’s just another oppotunity to learn. I want them to be able to have fun, be creative and just love football. 

I want players that are creative, people that are fearless.

Players that are expressive, people that are honest.

Players that are not afraid to put in the work and time, people that are driven, determined and bold.

Players that understand but people that listen.

The social power of football is so so powerful and how it connects people from all walks of life is mesmerising.

Being a good person is something that needs to be pulled to the forefront for young children. 

Being kind for the sake of kindness, helping whenever & where ever you can. Being honest and following your passion. Doing good to make peoples lives better and the world better too. Uplifting those around you and empowering those that come after you. 

All of this is where develop players, raise people  stems from, football can be used for good the beauty of it all.

Your always learning to learn.

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