Sporadic Thoughts: Day 2ย 

I have no time to be sad or angry about life and it’s natural cause anymore. Life happens there’s good and there’s also bad. But you have what you have and even then you are blessed.
Everybody goes through things, even if going through things means not speaking a word of their struggle and just getting on with it, we’d prefer if people spoke up but the point i’m trying to make is you are not the only one with problems. 

Someone out there would trade places in a heartbeat to have what you have for that alone you have every reason to be thankful, appreciative for all that is within your life at this moment in time.

You have eyes to see, a mouth to speak a brain to think with and your breathing? You can hear with your ears  and if things don’t go right today and by gods grace you make it to tomorrow…. a whole day to get the best out of life. You have everything you need! 

People will snake you, life will fall like a tonne of bricks some days but in the end everything will be ok in the end, YOU will be ok in the end.

Equally, life can be amazing full of love, life and laughter. Memories and moments with people that mean the most. Full with choice oppotunity and things that shape every fibre of your being. 
So moving forward take the good and the bad days, trust and be calm that pain will come but just as quick as it comes it will go. Uplift those around you spread light, empower yourself and inspire those you love and care for.

Above all else.

Worry less, and smile more.


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