As The Page Turns.

I’ve been meaning to blog about this for the last few days but it’s been a whirlwind just haven’t had the time. today was my first day back at university for semester two and after mulling over motor learning theories & it’s concepts I need to decompress what better way then by sharing this bit of news.

After the best part of a year feeling unimportant, unwanted and undervalued; finally I have a new team to coach with. 

I’ll always be grateful & thankful to my previous team for everything…. and I’m not entirley sure if they knew how to work with me and intergrate me. But I’m not exempt from blame, sitting back, being “too nice” not speaking up about how I felt. Just as much to blame.

Alas that phase is over and a new one has started, this time I made sure  it was clear what I wanted and that i’m a collaborater, understandably it’s difficult to intergrate a disabled coach into a football club. But it will only work as long as these two criterias are always checked off.

Honesty (from both parties) 

Constant communication.

It is too early to say or predict how this next phase will go but surely with hard work & commitment all will be ok.

Anyway enough of the drab my first session with the team went really well. It is admittedly challenging but I knew what I was getting myself in for when I agreeed to take up the role.

There is still plenty room and oppotunity for me to learn and grow but it’s always about the team first and how well they are doing.

I want to be a good teacher that is my goal within coaching. You can have all the knowledge and tactical expertise in the world but only a percentage of those you coach will make it pro. That’s  before you even begin to think about you yourself becoming an elite level manager the rest of the people you coach;

How are you developing their other abilites in terms of learning and application in daily life. How are you making them better, more impressionable people upon today’s society?. 

The session itself was great but I understand and accept the responsibility on my shoulders. Oh I left out a minor detail…..


What a way to kick off my first session.

All in all I’m just ready for the challenge ahead and what’s to come.

That’s my decompress over, back to these books! 

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