happy :)

Learn to appreciate and embrace we all look and try to find joy and the feeling of “being happy” truth is it’s there, always has been. It exists within yourself. Sure life gets hard its up, then down, sometimes it goes down so much, your on this rollercoaster of a journey but instead of telling you to enjoy the ride lifes just like; 
“We’re gonna have some good times, some bad times. Some fun times and some rough ones. But despite everything you’ll be ok in the end”.
Things at home aren’t great?
Be happy anyway!
Particular people grind your nerves?
Be happy anyway!
Your parents are THE two most irritating, dysfunctional, hypocritical and just down right annoying people…….. AHEM sorry excuse me got a bit carried away there haha… where was I? Oh yeah be happy anyway!.

Truth is and it’s not some magical discovery just something over time you begin to accept as have I;
Things are going to happen in life how you respond to it is your choice ultimately everything is a choice.

Its easier said than done right? Well yeah thats true but in the moment if you hurt, allow yourself to hurt accept it and the second you do that you get over things so much faster. 
To find real happiness step back and start small and simple.
• getting into your bed after a long hard day and just how comfy you feel.
• the sound of rain on your window.
• the sun during summer (unless you live in England).
• sticking your earphones in and just losing yourself in a good book.
(That’s my favourite) 
Life’s constantly on the go these days we barely have a second to stop and digest anything. You get up go to work/ uni whatever it is you do and then by the time you come home your so drained & exhausted you just want to turn into a potato. 
Find balance even if its 5 -10 minutes you can spare in that time frame do something that you want just to make yourself feel good and add it in to your daily routine. 
Just be happy lifes too short to be miserable man, things happen but you can breath so that means tommorows another day. 

Spread your vibes and be wavy at all times.


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